Company Profile

Since its establishment on May 12, 1997, MicroBase Technology Corp. has been devoted to the development of Laser LIGA, a non-silicon based micromachining technology. The research, development, and manufacture of miniaturized devices, micron-scale parts, and systems are our core competencies, with significant success in the area of patent application. MicroBase is currently the only company in the Asia-Pacific region with the capabilities of laser material processing, micro-electroforming development, and mass production all in one.


By utilizing laser material processing and micro-electroforming technology, MicroBase developed a micro-needles platform and applied the micro-mesh technique to micro-crystalline. We are dedicated to providing safe, efficient, and convenient professional and home beauty care to the market.

PharMatrix Introduction

PharMatrix is a brand of MicroBase Technology Corp. In recent years, MicroBase actively integrated micro-needles technology, striving to become leaders in micro-needles research, development, manufacturing, and sales. Items on the market include professional and  home care beauty products.


Our successfully launched products include variuos kinds of effectivness such as Hyaluronic Acid Microcrystalline for water retention, Lightening Moisturizer Microcrystalline for brightening the skin tone, and Anti-aging Microcrystalline to reduce fine lines, last but not least we also provide highly HA condensed microneedles eye mask with ultimate amount of soluble pyramid needles!  We continuously respond to consumer demand with the most advanced technology, developing a variety of innovative, efficient, and effective micro-needles products with special features.