Our specialized microneedles tip contains high concentration of hyaluronic acid with patterned hypercube pyramid shape. When combined the tip and Infusion device, with regular vibration of device provided gentle massage also poke at stratum corneum layer. It helping to kick start the skin renovation process includes collagen formation naturally. Work safely and painless, no down time that you can operate the device easily at home. 

Our micro-needles are measured in micrometers: 1/1000 of a millimeter. The diameter of one of our micro-needles is usually less than 3 micrometers and may reach 1 micrometer. The needles we produce have 3 micrometers between holes, a length of 1-100 micrometers, are arranged in order, and have structural integrity. Our microneedles film is composed of hundreds to thousands of micro-needles. When used on the skin, it feels like being caressed lightly by sandpaper, exfoliating the skin while increasing skin.

The cuticle is generally 10-40 microns thick. The vibration of the device penetrates the cuticle barrier and delivers serum to the hypodermis. This allows damaged subcutaneous tissue to start its self-repair and self-healing process, promoting the proliferation of skin and dermal cells. Micro-needles treatment can tighten up the skin and remove facial fine lines, crow’s feet, spots, dark circles, blemishes, etc. The absorption of product is effectively increased 50% after usage.