Micro-Infusion Q/A

1. Q : How does Micro Infusion device works?
Human skin is naturally designed as a barrier, most of active substances in skin creams and serums are big molecules which cannot penetrate into deeper layers. That means most of the skin care products are just stay on the surface and unable to deliver effectively to where we needed for rejuvenating.
Micro Infusion device is worked as gently exfoliator, it can help to assemble hundreds of tiny tunnels on skin that encourage high purity HA and skin serums penetrated to deeper skin layer. The result can be shown immediately with single treatment. The pattern technology that we innovated is a non-invasive yet successfully reboot skin health devices. Improve skin brightness and hydration in just 10 minutes. You can achieve professional result on your own time, in the comfort of your own home.

2. Q : How long will I see the results of using Micro-Needles Tip?

Ans : When using Micro-Needles Tip that gradually infuses effective ingredients to your skin plus Micro-Infusion Device to care for your skin, since everyone’s skin conditions vary, the results will also vary. At the beginning, please use it two to three times a week or use it every day, depending on your skin conditions. When moisture retention of your skin is clearly improved, you may use it once or twice a week or use it on certain areas. (Such as around the eyes) If you find your skin conditions get worse due to overuse of the device, please decrease the number of times you use it per week. The unique pyramid-shaped 3D microneedles of our product exfoliates the skin so it is normal to feel slight stinging when using it on dry skin. Since skin around the eyes are more sensitive, please adjust the number of times using the device according to your skin conditions.

3. Q : In addition to using micro-needles tip, is there any other way to deliver water-based skin care products and serums deep into the skin?

Ans : There are a few different ways, but some are better than others:
a. Smearing product on by hand has an absorption rate of 3-5%.
b. Hot and cold ultrasonic beauty equipment has an absorption rate of 10%.
c. Micro-Infusion Device with micro-needles tip has an absorption rate of 50%.

4. Q : How long does it take the highly concentrated hyaluronic acid to permeate the skin?

Ans : For detailed instructions for use of the product, please refer to the Micro-Needles Tip page.

5. Q : What if flakes appear on the skin after using of microneedles series?

Ans : Microneedles series combines sodium hyaluronate with water-based skin care products. When used together, it promotes the absorption of water into the skin. If flakes appear, this means the skin is completely saturated and some hyaluronate has been left on the surface of the skin. You can put on more water-based skin care products and use the device to draw circles from the center point, slowly massaging to push hyaluronic acid into the surrounding skin.

6. Q : Do I need to use special skin care products while using microneedles series?

Ans : There is no need to use special skin care products, but due to the exfoliation of the skin, avoid using products that contain acids, such as certain acne medications and oil-reducing products. After using the 3D microneedles series, we suggest skin care products that repair, moisturize, improve elasticity, or reduce fine lines. Some suggested ingredients would include coenzyme Q10, EGF, ceramide, collagen , bisabolol, and vitamin B5. Hypoallergenic skin care products are always a plus.

7. Q : What if my skin is continuously red and itchy after usage? 

Ans :
-This device has an exfoliating effect, so a slight redness is normal after use. However, if you experience chronic discomfort, allergies, redness, or itching, please stop use and consult a professional doctor.
-Persons with sensitive skin, skin ulcerations, allergic dermatitis, injured or infected skin, or facial nerve disorders should use with extra care.
-If users are going to do facial beauty treatment in the near future, please consult a professional doctor first.
-If users have had facial beauty treatments or surgery, or are currently undergoing treatment, a medical professional should be consulted first.

8. Q : What should I do if my skin turns red and tingles after using?

Ans : Microneedles is a pyramid shape hypercube that has an exfoliating effect. When used on sensitive or thin skin (such as the skin around the eyes), you may notice a slight redness. This is normal, and will disappear after 30 minutes.

9. Q : Will using it too often cause acne?

Ans : Excessive skin irritation can cause skin reactions such as acne, so it is recommended that users monitor their skin and make appropriate adjustments to their frequency of usage.

10. Q : Will microneedles cause my skin to darken after use?

Ans : No. But we suggest putting on sunscreen products half an hour before going outside, and reapplying every 4 hours.

11. Q : Can I use microneedles after facial beauty treatments, such as Derma Shine or Botox? Is there any restriction on the treatment period?

Ans : After medical beauty treatments, we recommend waiting at least a month or more to begin. If users had facial beauty treatments or surgery in the past, a medical professional should be consulted.

12. Q : How soon can I use microneedles series after medical treatment?

Ans : After medical beauty treatments, we recommend waiting for at least a month or more to begin. If in the near future (within one month), users plan to have facial beauty treatments or surgery, or if they are currently undergoing treatment, please consult a professional doctor first.